The Better Bowels Mini Program

A unique approach to changing your Endo Belly and Irritable Bowel Symptoms.


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Benefit 1

Improve your bloating, irritable bowel & digestive pain.

Benefit 2

Learn how to make your digestive system less sensitive.

Benefit 3

Learn the steps to long-term changes for your digestive health.

"Since age 12 when I got Ecoli, I have had lower back pain and many issues with digestion and stomach pain. I have seen every specialist and doctor for both back and stomach issues, no one has helped until Jill. Once I started seeing her my pain started decreasing and I am confident it is because she takes a holistic approach and looked into every component of my life."

- Michelle 

"Her work on my pelvic floor has noticeably helped my pain and most recently, my severe bowel pain has totally diminished after 2-3 sessions. Not only has she helped immensely with my endometriosis pain, she has now started using visceral techniques to help with my chronic and painful bloating. After one session, I walked out feeling the best I've felt in years"

- Felicia

"Jill has helped to change me physically and has allowed me to take back control of my health & body. Her technique, intelligence and skill level has helped to change my daily pain and my entire outlook on life."

- Julia


Enjoy dinner parties again

Feel more confident going out for dinner and stop cancelling plans with friends.

Go travel the world

You will have the tips and strategies so eating different foods won't make you as nervous anymore.

Wear what you want

Look 6 months pregnant? Learn my favourite tips & tricks for Endo Belly & bloating. 

The Better Bowels Mini Course

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